Domains blocked by the ICANN and by the registry

All new extension registries must block all domains on a list supplied by the ICANN. The registry also has a list of domains reserved for its own use or for security reasons, such as,,,, etc.


Domains subject to candidacy

Certain domain names are blocked because they are illegal or offensive, or because they are considered as sensitive. However, certain domains can be granted on a case-by-case basis (, etc.) or if the applicant guarantees respectful and relevant use or if the applicant has authority, i.e.,,,,, etc.).


Premium domains

Premium domains are available for registration on the first day of the landrush period, i.e. 19 January 2015. These are generic domains that have a high value, for which additional fees must be paid (5 price levels) to register the domain. For example:,, etc. See the FAQ section for more information on premiums and the landrush period.

The .alsace registry does not disclose premium prices. Request information from the registrars, who will indicate a price to you.



Who can obtain a .alsace domain?

The .alsace extension is available to anyone, anywhere.

How can I register my .alsace domain name?

Only registrars accredited by .alsace may register domain names. These registrars must have previously signed a contract with the .alsace registry.

If you usually register your domain names with unaccredited service providers, such as web agencies, computer retailers, lawyers or IP consultants, hosting service providers, communication agencies, etc., your service providers can register your .alsace domain name as usual, because they most likely have a reseller agreement with an accredited registrar.

Important: the .alsace registry does not sell domain names directly.

What is a premium domain?

A premium domain is a domain that has a high market value. Usually, it is a generic domain name, such as,, or,,, etc.

So-called premium domains have higher registration prices.

Important: the prices of the premium domains are not indicated on this website. You will find them by searching for them directly through the registrars or by requesting them directly from the registrars.

You will be able to request premium domains as soon as the landrush period begins on 19 January 2015. At the end of the landrush period, if several applicants request the same premium domain, its price will be set through bidding at an auction, starting at the premium price.

On 7 April 2015, when sales are opened up to the general public, premium domains will be registered in the same way as any other domain, on a first-come, first-served basis.

In the following years, premium domain names are renewed at the standard .alsace price. There is no additional cost for renewing a premium domain.

This solution for important generic domains prevents speculative registrations.

How can you become a .alsace-accredited registrar that can sell .alsace domain names?

To be accredited by .alsace, in order to sell domain names, registrars must first be accredited by the ICANN. The list of these registrars may be found here:

There are 17 in France, but the .alsace extension will accredit as many registrars as possible, regardless of their nationality.

However, non-ICANN-accredited resellers and registrars may still sell .alsace domain names, by going through an accredited registrar.

For accreditation, registrars should go to the following page: “Becoming a registrar accredited by .alsace”



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