This form allows you to ask Region Grand Est, .alsace Registry, to proceed with the disclosure of the personal data of an individual registrant of a domain name recorded under the .alsace gTLD and who has opted for their credentials to be restricted information. 

Region Grand Est analyzes your request as soon as possible, based on the grounds given in the supporting documents provided in French or English. 

The disclosure of personal data can be obtained in the case of reproduction in identical or quasiidentical form: 

Region Grand Est’s analysis focuses in particular on the similarity of the signs and does not concern the content of the sites. 

Requests for the disclosure of personal data must come from the owner of the rights invoked (copy of the identity document for a natural person, company registration certificate (K-bis or INSEE identification form for a legal person, etc.) or must be accompanied by a power should the applicant not be the owner of the rights. 

In case of refusal, you will have recourse to the other procedures foreseen by the .alsace registration policy.

Reasons for the request 

Please accompany your request with the reasons for the latter, being as precise as possible, and attach documents to identify you (commercial registry (K-bis) form, INSEE database extract, declaration of association, identity card etc.) as well as any document justifying your rights. Region Grand Est responds to your request with regard to the documents sent to it and does not perform any further research.

Applicant’s commitments 

If the Region Grand Est agrees to your request, the data that will be transmitted to you are personal within the meaning of the legal framework relating to the protection of personal data. As such, they will be transmitted to you in strict confidentiality. 

You undertake: 

When Region Grand Est agrees to your request, the personal data relating to the holder of the domain name concerned will be sent to you by e-mail, which is itself protected by the confidentiality of correspondence. The information transmitted by Region Grand Est corresponds to the information entered by the Registrar at the time of the request to register the domain name(s) in question. 

The applicant also undertakes not to hold Region Grand Est liable for the personal data transmitted.

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